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Being a mother isn’t easy. It’s important that we all take time to take care of our bodies, which can help lead to increased confidence and an improved mindset. Many people may not know what procedures are out there, so Illume is offering to help educate mothers on all of the different options they can choose from!

On March 2, 2023, Illume will be hosting a Motherhood Wellness Event at our Milwaukee office. It’s a great way to get out and meet some of the top plastic surgeons, injectable and skincare experts, licensed aestheticians, and weight loss professionals. It also gives you the chance to talk with mothers who may have gone through similar experiences.

What is the Milwaukee Motherhood Wellness Event?

During our Motherhood Wellness event, guests will be able to talk with experts in all areas of plastic surgery and med spa procedures. Our staff will be available to answer questions around invasive surgeries, like mommy makeovers and breast augmentations, as well as procedures that don’t require as much downtime but still provide those rejuvenating results, like chemical peels and Botox.

During the event, we will also have complimentary refreshments served by Cinnabar Nutrition. Cinnabar Nutrition is a local Milwaukee favorite that serves healthy foods and refreshments that will keep your body fueled. There will also be giveaways for products, injectables, and services! The first 25 guests will also receive a complimentary gift bag from Illume.

We will also be hosting a very special guest. Alley Faith from KISS FM will be in attendance to discuss her recent experience with Illume. Alley has recently gone through a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and Botox, and she’ll be discussing her story, procedures, and recovery. You can learn more about her story here.

Most Popular Plastic Surgeries for Mothers

If you are looking at plastic surgery to refresh and get yourself back to your pre-baby body, then you may want to consider looking into a few of our most popular services for mothers.

  • Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover isn’t just one procedure, it is a combination of different plastic procedures designed to help mothers get the bodies they had before their children. Starting with a consultation, your plan will be customized for you and your goals, and our staff will make sure that you are comfortable with the plan before moving forward. Mommy Makeover plans are great for people who want to get multiple procedures done on their problem areas. If you are looking to fix just one problem area, then the next few options may be better suited for you.

  • Tummy Tuck

When pregnant, its normal for most women to gain weight as they carry. Once the child has been born, women who are looking to get back to their post-baby bodies may notice that their abdominals are loose. This can be caused by separated and weakened abdominal muscles developed during pregnancy. Tummy tucks are meant to tighten the skin and may even help with the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Breast Augmentation

Another plastic surgery mothers go through is a breast augmentation. During pregnancy, it can be common for the breasts to lose volume, especially after breast feeding. Breast augmentation is meant to increase volume and size of the breasts and restore confidence in the patients that go through with it.

  • Breast Lift

Going through pregnancy can also affect your breasts by causing them to sag and lose perkiness. If you aren’t happy with how they look, a breast lift can bring your breasts back up and give you beautiful and perky breasts again.

MedSpa Treatments for Mothers

If your post-baby body is where you want it, then having an invasive surgery may not be for you. However, we still offer a lot of great MedSpa procedures that can help you feel refreshed and energetic.

  • IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections

Being a mom, you are constantly running around caring for others, you may be missing opportunities to take care of yourself. With IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections, we make it easy for you to get all the nutrients your body needs. There are plenty of benefits offered by IV therapy and vitamin injections including cleansing your body of toxins and supporting weight loss. At Illume, a consultation for these procedures is completely free!

  • O-Shot

After having kids, you may find that your intimate experiences with your partner aren’t the same. At Illume, we offer what is called the O-Shot, or orgasm shot. It is a sexual wellness shot that can improve your sexual experiences by increasing the sensitivity and stimulation of the vaginal tissue walls.

  • Botox

One of our most popular procedures, Botox, is always a good choice for a mother’s wellness. As we age and undergo stress, our skin tends to loosen and get wrinkles in the face. Botox can help smooth those wrinkles and give you that youthful and rejuvenated look.

  • Oxygen Facial

If you are looking for a solution that can provide almost immediate results, then an Oxygen Facial may be your choice. Oxygen Facials provide dramatic results that lift and plump your skin and requires zero downtime. Safe for all skin types, it’s a great choice for anyone.

At the Motherhood Wellness Event on March 2, you will learn even more about each of these procedures, as well as learn about different ones we may not have mentioned above. If you are or have been thinking of visiting, now is the perfect time! Our plastic surgeons and MedSpa professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you can’t make the event, but still want to learn more, contact us today. We hope to see you at the event!