Arm & Thigh Lift

Brachioplasty & Thigh Lift

Arm Lift & Thigh Lift

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Many patients come to our Milwaukee area offices complaining of hanging skin on the underside of the arm which frequently occurs following extensive weight loss, or simply from the natural aging process.

An arm lift is a body sculpting surgery performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons. The procedure is designed to remove loose or hanging skin in the area for a tighter appearance and sleeker contour around the arms.

Thigh Lift

The thighs may be affected by both a fat collection and saggy skin, which can produce an unpleasant contour that does not respond to diet and exercise. A thigh lift involves liposuction as well as the removal of excess skin to restore a healthier looking contour. If the skin tone is good and excessive fat is the main problem, liposuction alone may improve the condition.

Thigh Lift Procedure

The procedure involves liposuction and the removal of loose skin. After excess skin and fat have been eliminated, dissolvable sutures are used to close up the incisions. You will be placed in a compression garment for two to four weeks to help minimize swelling.

Thigh Lift Recovery

It is not unusual to have some drainage from your incisions for the first couple of days. Walking during the first 48 hours is encouraged. Climbing stairs, squatting, and aerobic activities should be avoided for several days. You will be seen back in the office two to three days following your surgery. Most patients have a “tight” and swollen feeling in the thighs. This gradually goes away. Most of the swelling is gone by six weeks time. Individuals with a “desk job” may return to work after one week. Positions that require lifting more than 25 pounds, prolonged periods of standing, walking, or heavy lifting should not be resumed for three to six weeks. The scars will begin to fade two to three months after surgery and will have diminished considerably in one to two years, though they will not disappear completely

To make this procedure accessible to all our patients we provide Financing options.

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