Weight Loss Management

Wellness is not a separate entity- it’s an aggregate of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It is not a passive or static state but rather an “active pursuit” that is associated with intentions, choices and actions as we work toward an optimal state of health and wellbeing. To achieve wellness we must adopt attitudes and lifestyles that prevent disease, improve health, and enhance the quality of life and sense of wellbeing. In other words, wellness is proactive, preventive and driven by self-responsibility.

Our goal is to make you look and feel great! We are here to help you reach your goal weight and help you improve how you feel about yourself!

Weight loss is a personal issue; everyone has different goals for weight loss and percent of body fat they want to achieve. Remember you are losing weight for you and no one else! Soon you will be on your way to making small lifestyle changes that will provide big rewards in return. You will notice changes will occur quickly if you commit to the program and adhere to the guidelines established. Remember Dr. Blake is working in conjunction with your clinical director to help you celebrate the continued success of your weight loss.

About the Program:

At your initial consultation you will meet with our weight loss specialist to define your goals. Together, we will formulate a written plan outlining how these goals will be achieved. Your medical health is our foremost concern.

To make this procedure accessible to all our patients we provide Financing options.
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28 or 42 Day Weight Loss Program. This is a restrictive diet and calorie program (low carb and
low fat) that along with subcutaneous injection of the medication. Patients can lose 1/2 to l lb a
day. Within this diet, there is no hunger, resetting the metabolism. With our transition and long
term plan you will continue to lose or maintain weight loss!

FDA approved medication that with a personalized weight loss plan patients can lose up to 4-5
lbs a week. Weekly or every other week follow up appointments to help keep accountability.

Personalized and customized plans that are tailored to the patient. Plans include meal plans,
recipes, supplements, and more. Individualized programs can have up to 3 lbs a week.

Weight loss injections can include Vitamin B12, Chromium picolinate, and B-complex. Weekly to
twice a week recommended.


This 10 day reset is with 2 supplements and a protein shake along with whole and healthy eating
can help the body not only detox but support the liver with detoxification.

These injections include glutathione, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. These help with immunity,
detoxification, and heart health. Weekly to twice a week recommended.


Initial Consultation Includes
  • Complete blood work, including cholesterol levels, liver enzymes, kidney function & electrolytes.  (Pregnancy test for females)
  • EKG for candidates of prescription appetite suppressants.
  • Blood pressure /Pulse
  • Exercise Recommendations
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Body fat percentage/Body Mass Index  on our Tanita scale
Starter Medication Package
  • Prescription for Appetite Suppressant ( for healthy candidates) /or Natural Appetite, All dispensed from our Clinic.
  • Multi-Vitamins
  • Calcium Pyruvate ( fat burner)
  • Chromium Pyruvate ( fat burner, reduces sugar cravings)
  • Weekly Injection of Vitamin B-12, B-6, Amino Acids
  • Free 1st   one week Follow up visit that includes a FREE B-12 shot/ weight and vitals
Bi-weekly Visit Includes
  • Injection
  • Vitals ( blood pressure/ pulse)
  • Weight/ Body fat Percentage/ Body mass Index
  • Medical support and Weight loss coaching/ encouragement.
  • Prescription/Supplement refills.
  • During each visit with your Weight Loss specialist we will monitor progress with you.  She will go over your diet, exercise regime and any other concerns you may have.

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