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When you decide you want to get a cosmetic procedure done, I’m sure you go through every possibility and do plenty of research beforehand. Things such as price, location, and business reviews are all extremely important, but one thing you may be overlooking is where your procedure will be taking place.

When you undergo a medical procedure like breast augmentation or tummy tuck, safety should be everyone’s #1 priority. That is why having your surgery take place in an accredited plastic surgery facility is so important.

What is an accredited surgery center?

Getting your facility accredited is a voluntary process that each healthcare facility goes through to prove they meet the rigorous requirements on safety, emergency preparedness, staff credentials, and more. For the accreditation, facilities can go through the American Association for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), the Accreditation on Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), or Medicare (CMS). Getting surgery at an accredited facility gives you peace of mind that you are in the right place and all safety precautions will be taken care of. The America Society of Plastic Surgeons describes an accredited surgery facility as:

“One that must meet strict national standards for equipment, operating room safety, personnel and surgeon credentials.”

If your surgery is taking place in an accredited facility, you can feel comfort in knowing that the surgeon and the healthcare facility has your best interest at heart.

Reasons Accreditation Matters

We’ve touched a little bit on what makes an accreditation important, but here is a deeper look at each benefit of getting your cosmetic surgery done at an accredited facility.

  • Clean

Cleanliness in an operating room is extremely important. During the procedure, if any debris was to get in an open wound, the chance of infections would increase greatly. Having a clean operating room and equipment is a must for any facility. If you choose to get your work done at a non-accredited facility, the chance of the operating room being less cleanly could increase since they do not have a certain standard they need to be hitting.

  • Everything that is needed

Earlier in the post we mentioned that being accredited means you meet the requirements for emergency preparedness and that all the safety precautions are met. During surgery, there may be things that need immediate care, and an accredited cosmetic surgery facility will have the necessary tools to take care of whatever issues arise. This ensures that you will be taken care of should something happen.

  • Staff is licensed and qualified

An accredited healthcare facility means that you are getting individuals and staff that know what they are doing and have all the certifications necessary for your operation. When receiving plastic surgery, you want to have the most knowledgeable people working with you, especially since some surgeries require a detailed hand and specific knowledge. To keep your facilities accreditation, physicians’ certifications are routinely check, too, making sure that no professional is unlicensed.

  • Solidified Business

Being an accredited facility also means that you are not a “pop-up shop” for plastic surgery. To qualify as an accredited facility, you need to be in operation for several months before being considered. This helps make sure that the facility is reputable and well run, and not just a quick money grab for the physician and practice.

Milwaukee and Waukesha Accredited Surgery Centers with Illume

If you choose to get your cosmetic surgery procedure done with Illume, you can feel safe knowing that we boast two nationally accredited surgery centers in Milwaukee and Waukesha. We are currently the only cosmetic surgery practice in Wisconsin with two independent, in-house certified surgery centers. It may also help to know that we work with the Board of Certified Anesthesiologists from Anex Anesthesia for all general anesthesia cases to ensure that we are providing safe and accurate doses for your procedure.

When you come to Illume, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality care and your procedure is being performed at a surgical center that is qualified and capable. Call us today or schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our plastic surgery procedure. We are confident that you will be pleased with our facilities and staff.