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February 2, 2021

Love Your Lips, Lose Your Lines

February Filler Special

What are dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face.
As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin surface, so smile lines and crow’s feet become more apparent.
The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Other factors that affect the facial skin include sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle.
What dermal fillers can do- 

  • Plump thin lips
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars
  • Reconstruct contour deformities in the face
  • Decrease or remove the shadow of the lower lids

Dermal fillers can be very helpful in those with early signs of aging, or as a value-added part of facial rejuvenation surgery.


Now through February 14th – Purchase any Restylane Filler Product and receive a Kendra Scott jewelry voucher!

Restylane is a line of hyaluronic acid–based facial fillers that help smooth wrinkles and plump your cheeks and lips. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin, especially in connective tissue. It’s typically used in cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds, and around your mouth. Ask your Nurse Injector which filler is right for you!

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Our clients fall in love with Voluma because it works fast, and the injections only take minutes. You will see instant results right there as your cheeks achieve fuller contours with lifting and firming.
Our skin goes up against many adversaries in the aging process, including the sun, free radicals, medications, internal breakdown of collagen and fat, and worst of all, gravity. The effects of gravity are most present in the flattening, hollowing, and sagging of cheeks, which will make you look older and more sullen over time. Gravity can be challenged with the power of JUVÉDERM Voluma® XC, an injectable filler that will volumize and and revitalize your look for dazzling and youthful results.

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