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Talking. Chewing. Yawning. These are just a few simple actions that most of us take for granted every day. But for those suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, life isn’t so easy.

TMJ dysfunction is an incredibly common, yet incredibly painful issue for many people. There are over three million cases in the US every year, and unfortunately, many people don’t realize how simple treatment can be.

Problems arising from TMJ dysfunction can vary:

  • Pain traveling through the face, jaw, or neck
  • Stiff jaw muscles
  • Limited movement or locking of the jaw
  • Painful clicking or popping in the jaw
  • A change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together

But whatever issue you’re dealing with, you can find TMJ relief through Botox.

Like any other muscle in the body, the masseter muscles “bulk up” after repeated use, becoming more and more pronounced over time. However, when Botox is injected into these muscles, it relaxes them and prevents further clenching and grinding. The muscles finally get a chance to rest, allowing them time to heal and repair, relieving your symptoms in the process. A typical TMJ treatment requires 5-22 units of Botox per side, and you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately.

The best part? With Illume’s Milwaukee-best prices, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to fix your jaw.

At just $10 per unit, Illume’s pricing structure is as straightforward as it gets. No membership fee. No hidden costs. Just the best price in the area, plain and simple.

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or limited mobility from TMJ dysfunction, we’re here to help. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced nurse injectors today.