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November 14, 2022

Skin Resurfacing with MOXI Laser Treatment

As we grow older, our facial skin is exposed to more and more each day. Things like sun damage, signs of aging, and poor skin texture can start to show. While having a skin routine in place can help slow the process, you may still start to notice it as you age. If you’re someone who has noticed these things, or even someone who is looking to prevent the signs of ageing, there is more you can do.

There are plenty of skin resurfacing procedures out there that has varying results, but now you can get illuminating skin and improve your skin texture with the MOXI laser treatment now available at Illume in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Franklin. With the popularity of MOXI laser treatment increasing, it was the perfect time for us to offer this MedSpa procedure.

What is the MOXI Laser Treatment?

The MOXI laser is a gentle and effective resurfacing treatment that us suitable and safe for all skin types. MOXI laser helps improve your skin tone, uneven textures, and can correct uneven pigmentation and discoloration, such as melasma. The MOXI laser can also help treat light sun damage and provide that glowing look we all strive for.

MOXI can also be performed year-round. This means you can schedule your appointment after the summer months, where sun damage may be at it’s highest. Or you can get it scheduled in winter to look your best for the holiday months. Because there is minimal downtime, the MOXI procedure can be completed, and you can go back to wearing makeup in as little as 24 hours. We do recommend 3 to 4 treatments for each candidate for optimal results, which is something you will discuss with your Licensed Aesthetician.

Difference in MOXI, BBL Photofacial, and HALO Skin Resurfacing

At first glance, you may be wondering what the difference is between MOXI laser treatment, BBL Photofacial, and HALO skin resurfacing. All of these are different types of facial rejuvenation procedures, all are offered by Illume, and all use some type of laser treatment, but there are a few differences.

One of the biggest differences for MOXI and the BBL Photofacial is that the MOXI laser treatment is more focused on the skin texture, while BBL Photofacial helps even out those areas that are excess red and brown pigments. When you plan your trip to Illume, you may even have the opportunity to talk with your Licensed Aesthetician about doing both BBL and MOXI laser treatment.

When it comes to the MOXI laser treatment and the HALO skin resurfacing treatment, they are more similar. Both treatments do similar things; however, they perform them at different levels. The MOXI laser treatment is more focused on the top layers of the skin and helps prevent further damage. It can be considered a precursor to Halo for younger patients looking for preventative treatments. The HALO laser treatment is a little more intense and gets to the deeper layers of the skin. This procedure is best used to help reverse damage from years of sun exposure. HALO treatment also has a longer downtime due to its ability to reach the deeper levels of your skin.

While each one has its benefits, make sure you understand what each one does and if it is right for you. If you have questions, you can reach out and talk with one of our local Licensed Aesthetician who can provide more information and point you in the right direction.

MOXI Treatment Results

We’re sure that telling you about the benefits of the MOXI laser treatment can help you understand how helpful it can be but let’s take a look at some real results. Below are some before and after MOXI laser treatment photos of real patients, all who are benefiting from refreshed, repaired skin. Schedule a consultation today and see what you’ve been missing! MOXI laser treatment is now available at all three of our locations in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Franklin.


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Enhance your natural beauty and achieve your desired look with safe and effective procedures tailored to your needs.


Enhance your natural beauty and achieve your desired look with safe and effective procedures tailored to your needs.