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If you’re from the Midwest like we are, chances are you’ve experienced all four of the seasons and have gone from 90-degree summer days down to 0-degree (or lower!) winter nights. With weather being such a factor in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, there are certain things you can’t do year-round, such as going to the beach and sun tanning, driving around with the windows down, or enjoying a nice picnic at the park. But do plastic surgery or medspa procedures gets effected by the changing seasons?

The easy answer? No, these procedures are not limited to a particular season. However, there are more popular times for these different procedures based off of people’s interests. If you enjoy being in the sun and taking in all summer has to offer, you may want to avoid plastic surgery and medspa procedures in the summer. Whereas someone who takes trips in the winter to Alpine Valley Resort in Elkhorn and enjoys partaking in winter activities, winter may be the best time to avoid certain procedures.

Each procedure has specific guidelines you should follow once it is completed. Make sure you talk with one of our experts to determine the side effects, what you should avoid, and any other post-op rules you will need to follow. If you find that it may be interfering too much with your personal life, it’s best to put the surgery or procedure off until you feel like you can put aside the time needed.

When is the Best Time to Get Plastic Surgery in Milwaukee?

As we discussed, no season is necessarily the best for plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, but there are definitely some more popular times. At Illume Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa in Milwaukee and Waukesha, this is what we see when it comes to the different seasons.

The Fall Season Sees Increased Demand

During the fall, our offices will see an increased demand for our many different services. This is most likely due to two things.

The first one being that summer has ended, and a lot of people are looking to reverse the sun damage that occurred. During summer, most people spend their time outside and it’s possible that they don’t have a constant skin care routine in place. Now that its starting to get colder and their spending less time in the sun, they want to schedule things like chemical peels or HydraFacials to remove the layer of dead skin and revitalize their facial features.

The second reason is that the holidays are soon approaching, and people want to look and feel their best before visiting family or having large parties. Most people also receive days off in the fall for different holidays, so they use this time for recovery instead of taking days off work.

Summertime Procedures Drop in Demand

While we do want to remind you that our different procedures can be done at any time of the year, our summer months usually see a decrease. Most people want to be outside in the sun and enjoying the great weather. Especially in Wisconsin, where these summer months only last for about half the year.

If you are someone that hates waiting, this could be the perfect time for you to inquire about our services. Because the demand is lower in the summer, chances are that you will be able to schedule an appointment quicker than you would in the fall. The one drawback to summertime is that a lot of our procedures require you to stay out of the sun or limit your time in the sun. If you aren’t careful and follow the post-op directions, there is a chance you could negatively affect your results. So if you don’t mind the waiting period and spending some time inside during the summer, we recommend the warmer months to get your procedure scheduled.

Make Skincare Important Year Round

While its great to get your skin taken care of after the hot summer months, we highly recommend getting yourself set up with a year-round skincare routine. You can still schedule your MedSpa procedures when you’re feeling like a refresh, having a skincare routine will help make sure that you are providing the best possible care for yourself. Having a good skincare routine in place can help with things such as visible pores, wrinkles, and under eye circles.

If you aren’t sure where to start, Illume can help! We have a ton of great skincare options in our Illume Skincare line. From advanced brightening pads to facial firming serums and silicone scar gel, we have the product that will fit your needs. Take care of yourself today and get the skincare products you need.