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Elizabeth Kay and Illume

Elizabeth Kay is the well-known radio co-host on the 99.1 the Morning Mix weekdays. After a few of her family members were diagnosed with breast cancer, they discovered that there was a hereditary BRCA2 gene mutation in the family. Elizabeth tested and found out she was 58% likely to have breast cancer and 20% likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

In May of 2023, she decided to take matters into her own hands and opted to have a preventative bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.  Elizabeth has shared her entire journey along the way and has been an amazing advocate being proactive about your health. See more about her journey below!

Knowledge is Power


Elizabeth announces that she has tested positive for the hereditary BRCA2 gene mutation and plans to have a bilater mastetctomy. 


These are hard conversations to have, but important ones!!

Yes, I’m having a bilateral mastectomy this summer and then a salpingo-oophorectomy later this year.

Here’s why…after family members were diagnosed with breast cancer, we discovered there is BRCA2 gene mutation in our family and it’s hereditary. 😔

I was tested and I found out I do carry the BRCA2 gene mutation. And with the family medical history, my dense breasts AND the gene mutation, I am 58% likely to have breast cancer and 20% likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

I’m not taking that chance and I’m taking matters into my own hands and choosing LIFE!!

My bilateral mastectomy is in July and later this year will be my reconstructive surgery and my salpingo-oophorectomy.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…know your risks, ask these questions of your doctors, be proactive.

There’s a lot of emotions that come with this post, and especially towards my loved ones that have had to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis and didn’t get this option. I’m in awe of their strength and courage to FIGHT.

Thank YOU for supporting me and my family. Your words of encouragement bring me to tears, but also make me grateful to be surrounded by such thoughtful people. ❤️

Thank you to the incredible team and doctors at ProHealth and at @illumecosmetic – they’ve shown such compassion and understanding during this process as I prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for these life changing surgeries. 🥰

If you have questions, please reach out or hear my full story by clicking the link in my bio.

Be your own advocate and take control of your health, it could save your life. 🫶🏼

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– Elizabeth

2 Weeks Post-Op

Two weeks since my bilateral mastectomy…today we started filling these babies back up at @illumecosmetic 👀

I’m happy to report it wasn’t painful, only a little pressure! #brca2positive – Elizabeth

Choosing Implants

UPDATE: I’m 6 weeks post op! Which means my incisions are healed and now I can lift more than 10 pounds!!! 💪🏼

This photo was taken at my most recent appointment where we narrowed down which implants I’ll have (kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears…not too big, not too small, but just right) 😉

Many of you have asked about the chest expanders and the reconstruction (implants) that’s coming up in October and my experience with @illumecosmetic

There’s lots to say! 😃 ICYMI from this morning’s show, ALL the info is in the second link in my bio!

I’m grateful to have a few weeks of normal life before we finish up what we started and thanks for following along during this whole process💗

– Elizabeth

6 Months Post Breast Reconstruction

Update: This week marks 6 months since my reconstructive surgery and the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes due to being BRCA2 positive. #brca2#brca2postitive#bilateralmastectomy – Elizabeth

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