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January 12, 2023

5 Tips to Prevent Dry Skin in the Winter

When the weather gets colder, a lot of people may notice that their skin gets dried out easier, or they are needing to reapply lotion more often as the day goes on. But why is this? Every winter, especially in the Midwest, people find themselves dealing with dry skin.

While many people feel like applying lotion is the only answer, there are other things you can do to help! We aren’t able to completely stop dry skin from happening, but we do have some techniques that can help remedy it.  Before we jump into the tips of preventing dry skin, we think it is important that you understand why dry skin is more prevalent in the colder moths.

What causes dry skin in the colder months?

During the colder months, cold, dry air can remove the moisture from your skin. Removing the moisture from your skin causes those irritated, itchy dry spots. While many people have trouble with dry skin on their face, the colder months can also cause dry skin to show up on your hands, feet, or any other exposed areas.

10 Things to do to Prevent Dry Skin

  • Use Moisturizing Cream

Most people with dry skin are used to applying lotion whenever they need it, but its also important during the winter months to make sure you are using a moisturizer cream. These can be a little thicker and may seem greasier, but they can be extremely beneficial for anyone who suffers dry skin in the winter.

  • Apply Sunscreen

After you have applied your moisturizer, try applying a sunscreen to help prevent dry skin. During the colder months, the suns UV rays can still affect your skins moisture barrier. Applying sunscreen can help prevent that damage and allow your skin to stay healthy and moisturized.

  • Use Overnight Treatments

Skincare routines are important, and they are even more useful in the wintertime when your skin is taking on all the cold, dry air. Before you go to bed at night, try using overnight cremes or lotions. This helps add another layer of protection while you sleep and can prevent dry skin from happening overnight.

  • Use a Humidifier in Your Home

If you don’t already have one, try using a humidifier in your house. We mentioned that during the winter the air is cold and dry. Getting a humidifier and running it in your home will help add moisture to the air that can help with your dry skin. A humidifier is also a great option if you find that the dry air causes bloody noses or cracked lips.

  • Avoid Hot Water When Showering/Bathing

This may not be a popular option, but taking lukewarm showers as opposed to hot ones can be beneficial to your skin. When you use hot water, it can dry out your skin, even if you plan on adding moisturizer when you are done. You should even try shortening the amount of time you spend showering, as the longer you are in there, the more likely it will cause dry skin.

MedSpa Procedures to Deal with Dry Skin

If you have done everything you can to help with your dry skin, you may need to take the next step and look at what MedSpa procedures are available to you. With Illume, we offer a few different skin procedures that can help revitalize your face and provide some relief from your itchy, dry skin.

Oxygen Facials can help rehydrate, plump, and lift your skin to reduce dry skin. HydraFacials not only remove dead skin cells and extract purities, but simultaneously provides the new skin with cleansing and hydrating moisturizing serums. Both procedures work great, and to learn more or find a procedure that works for you, contact us today! It’s never too early to deal with dry skin caused by the cold winter months.

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