Aging Skin

Skin aging prevention practices are important but often overlooked.

If practiced properly, you can minimize and delay the signs of skin aging and significantly reduce the amount of anti-aging treatments or products needed in the future. Aging gracefully goes hand in hand with preventive skin aging behaviors. Premature skin aging is an unnatural acceleration of the natural aging process caused by sun exposure, environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle choices. These factors contribute to what is termed premature or extrinsic aging. These factors cause a decrease in collagen production and a breakdown in elastin which reduces skin turgor causing visible wrinkles and a dull skin appearance.

Genetically we all do age, but this "healthy aging" (sometimes referred to as intrinsic aging) is a normal aging process that occurs over time. This process begins in the mid-20s but typically does not begin to show on our faces until decades later, unlike premature aging. Regular tanning with exposure to UV rays is the primary culprit causing premature skin aging.